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Jumping Squats

Welcome to CrossFit Condor

Is your fitness routine working?

Ours is programmed by experts and proven to get results!

CrossFit Condor is a fitness facility for EVERYONE! We offer group classes as well as one-on-one personal training. All of our workouts are able to be tailored to your current abilities to meet you where you are and help you reach your goals.

Our Commitment to You

At CrossFit Condor, our experienced coaches will help you tailor the workouts to your specific needs. We teach you proper form and offer options to meet you where you are to help you reach your goals!

Our Facility

Workout Facility
Our Methods

What is CrossFit?

Cardio and Endurance

Every day at Condor looks a little bit different, but we follow progressive programming to help you be the fittest version of yourself. We use cardio equipment like rowers, ski ergs, and echo bikes. We run inside and outside, jump rope, and utilize other plyometric movements such as box jumps or step ups to train our aerobic capacity daily. We do workouts that range from very short and intense to longer, more endurance type training.

Gymnastics and Skills

We use gymnastics as part of our training to develop our strength, power, coordination, and flexibility. These movements range from the relatively simple air squat or push up, to complex skills like ring muscle ups and handstand walks. There are infinite ways to scale every movement so everyone is able to build from where they are!

Strength Training

At CrossFit Condor, we utilize everything from our own bodyweight to kettlebells, dumbbells, and barbells to strength train. We sometimes flip tires, push, pull, and carry odd objects. You'll learn how to deadlift, bench and overhead press, squat (many different types of squats!) and train power and coordination with the Olympic lifts, the snatch and clean and jerk. Don't be afraid if you've never done these movements before - our coaches are here to teach proper form and ensure your safety while you lift!


When you join Condor, you're not just joining another gym - you're becoming part of our community. You’ll be surrounded by people who are giving their all on the mat and pushing you to do the same. They’ll support you through it and cheer for you when you finish. We celebrate each other’s successes and lift each other up when things get tough. This camaraderie extends beyond the walls of Condor as well. We strongly believe in the power of friendships forged through working hard to reach goals together, and regularly plan get togethers outside of the box for members and their families.

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